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EntertainmentWatch will bring the best in books, music, theater and stage news and information.

StoryTreasures showcases the “lost” stories of days past, fairytales, novels, poetry and more!

Whoever said Politics is boring never watched the 2016 election!  Visit Politicalchat to see what folks are saying about the latest news and candidate antics.

sports and more!

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television brings you the latest information in the world of Daytime. brings you the newest shows, stars and what’s coming up next.

End your day with to find who’s on Conan, Jimmy (Kimmel or Fallon) or the best in latenight cable!

business provides tips and help to publish your first novel or non-fiction work.

PropertyPlace provides buyers and sellers professional tips to market their properties or purchase that first home with real estate services available in Amador, Calaveras and San Joaquin Counties in California.

Family friendly;     family safe

Great content, conversations and activities.  Feel comfortable visiting with your 7 year old or your 70 year old on our sites.

You won’t find the latest “twerking” images or new about the latest attention getting antics of the usual celebrasleaze  

You will find awesome artists showcasing their talents, fun crafts and activities for your child, tween or teen and the latest news and information your family or your “seasoned citizens” can use to enlighten, empower or improve your home and lifestyle.  Check us out today:

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